Error handling and logging

Add better error logging to your GraphQL schema.

GraphQL servers can be tricky to debug. The following functions can help find error faster in many cases.


addErrorLoggingToSchema(schema, logger)

This function may be deprecated in the near future. Instead of using addErrorLoggingToSchema, the formatError option of apolloServer or graphqlHTTP should be used, which was recently added in graphql-js v0.5.0

addErrorLoggingToSchema takes two arguments: schema and logger. schema must be an instance of GraphQLSchema, logger must be an Object with a callable property log. Every time an error occurs, logger.log(e) will be called.

import { addErrorLoggingToSchema } from 'graphql-tools';
const logger = { log: (e) => console.error(e.stack) };
addErrorLoggingToSchema(mySchema, logger);

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