This section details how to set up a GraphQL server to support subscriptions based on graphql-subscriptions and subscriptions-transport-ws.

graphql-subscriptions is a transport-agnostic JavaScript utility that helps you execute GraphQL subscription on your NodeJS server. subscriptions-transport-ws is a WebSocket server and client library for GraphQL subscriptions that complements graphql-subscriptions and can be used directly in a JavaScript app or wired up to a fully-featured GraphQL client like Apollo or Relay.

The process of setting up a GraphQL subscriptions server consist of the following steps:

  1. Declaring subscriptions in the GraphQL schema
  2. Setup a PubSub instance that our server will publish new events to
  3. Connecting the PubSub mechanism to the schema with SubscriptionManager that will receive publications from the PubSub and resolve them through GraphQL executer
  4. Setting up SubscriptionsServer, a transport between the server and the clients
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