This will be the guide to using Apollo Android, a GraphQL client for native Android apps written in Java.

Apollo Android is not yet available, but we’re excited about bringing Apollo to more platforms in the future. There has been some interest from the community in helping to bring Apollo Android to life faster, so if you’d like to contribute to that effort, please let us know on the #android channel on Slack.

The Apollo community builds and maintains a collection of utilities designed to make it easier to use GraphQL across a range of front-end and server technologies. There are similar guides for React, Angular 2, and the core apollo-client JavaScript package that can be used anywhere JavaScript runs.

Apollo iOS, a GraphQL client for native iOS apps written in Swift, is currently available as an early preview.

The React integration works with React Native on both iOS and Android without changes.

You can learn more about the Apollo project at the project’s home page.

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