Apollo Client

The flexible, production ready GraphQL client for React and native apps.
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Advanced data management
Queries, caching, mutations, optimistic UI, subscriptions, pagination, server-side rendering, prefetching, and more.
Built for modern React apps
Compatible out of the box with Redux, React Router, Recompose, Expo, Next.js, and everything else in the React ecosystem.
Production ready
Used in critical production apps today by Credit Karma, NewSpring Church, Coursera, the Mozilla Foundation, and others.
Community focused
Over 300 contributors and counting. Built by the community, for the community.
Tooling and server friendly
Apollo Chrome devtools, static query analysis, code generation, and autocompletion.
Incrementally adoptable
The only GraphQL client that works with any client-side architecture and every GraphQL server. It adapts to fit your needs.
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